Wroclaw, the Polish City for Lovers

Located in the West of Poland, this appealing city is only around 50 miles from the border with the Czech Republic and only around 100 miles from Germany. With stunning architecture and a charm of its own, Wroclaw is a great place for a self-catering city break.

Wroclaw's SquareWith a fine square (pictured left),a river, cathedral and university there is much to fall in love with in Wroclaw. The main square in Wroclaw with its grand colourful buildings has to be one of the finest in Poland and is a delightful place to enjoy a coffee or a meal.  There is some magnificent Gothic and baroque architecture in this city, making it a fine place to take a holiday.



Top 3 Attractions in Wroclaw

1.    Piasek Island for its historical buildings and cafes
2.    Lovers Bridge for the Romance and Fun
3.    The Market Square, a perfect place to drink coffee and people watch


Wroclaw's Gnomes

One much loved fun theme in Wroclaw are the city’s gnomes which can be an absolute delight.  Enjoy discovering the city’s sights and these mini figures alongside them. Cute little gnomes are hidden throughout the city and part of the fun of being a visitor is looking out for these vertically challenged statues.  Kids and big kids alike just love discovering and literally stumbling across these gnomes. Look high and low so you don’t miss any. Just how many will you find?

For those who like to take to the water. Taking a boat trip in Wroclaw can be a great way to experience the city from another angle and can be a relaxing jaunt.

Piasek Island

Piasek IslandA trip to Piasek Island comes highly recommended for its church.  Discover the beautiful historical university buildings and a task of grand cafe society where some of the streets seem more Parisienne than Polish. Wroclaw as a city in parts feels far more Western European than Eastern European or Polish for that matter.  Tree lined streets close to the Cathedral have an almost Parisien feel. Wroclaw is in the and is a great place for a short city break.

The 14th century Gothic Church of our lady on the Sand is found on Piasek Island.

Wroclaw also has some botanical gardens, a perfect oasis in the city.
The historical museum is also worth a visit as it is housed in a grand, former palace and showcases Wroclaw’s history.

Lover's Bridge

To get to Piasek island you must cross lovers bridge.

Wroclaw's Lovers' BridgeThose not familiar with this Wroclaw tradition may wonder why there are so many padlocks and young lovers walking hand in hand or adding padlocks to the bridge.

The custom is for lovers to fix padlocks to the bridge and to throw the key i to the river to signify their love for one another with the giving of hearts.