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Malbork Castle and the Teutonic Knights

When visiting Gdansk in Poland, if you have a day free, it is well worth making the trip to visit fine Malbork Castle. Just 58km South East of Gdansk, the castle can be reached by train first and then taxi and is well worth the journey. If you are driving, it’s even easier to hop in to the car and make the drive there.

Malbork Castle has to be one of the finest jewels in Poland’s crown.  The castle is very well preserved and surprisingly intact considering its age.  Step back in time on a visit here. With a fascinating history as the headquarters of the Teutonic Knights this castle was built in 1276. Vast and foreboding, Malbork Castle stands firm in the landscape.  As the largest Gothic Castle in the whole of Europe, this castle really offers something a little different from the others.

To get a glimpse inside this castle you must visit Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 7pm. Get a guided tour as part of the admission to get the most out of your visit.

The exterior can be visited Mondays to Sundays. As the castle is so well maintained and preserved, a visit here makes for a fascinating experience whatever the time of day you visit. If you find castles and historical buildings spooky then look up Malbork Castle’s website as night time tours are sometimes available. Contact the castle direct for more information.